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The Row provides a glimpse into our future, a future where artists have been given the freedom to imagine how we might live in a world without any physical limitations–no gravity, no weather, no building materials per se.

The Row is an artists’ colony in an otherworldly alternate universe, comprised of thirty important works of architecture, each designed for historically-significant virtual lives for a visionary few.

The Row is the future of home, re-imagined for a virtual life.


The following artists have been commissioned to design landmarks for The Row District.
Daniel Arsham
Daniel Arsham sample

Daniel Arsham's uchronic aesthetics revolve around his concept of fictional archaeology. Working in sculpture, architecture, drawing and film, he creates and crystallizes ambiguous in-between spaces or situations, and further stages what he refers to as future relics of the present.

Alexis Christodoulou
Alexis Christodoulou sample

As a front runner and pioneer of the imaginary architecture aesthetic seen all over the world, Alexis Christodoulou has forged relationships with brands such as Microsoft, Facebook, Instagram, La Mer, Luxottica and Sunglasses Hut, Nowness, Architectural Digest, Wallpaper, Kenzo, and many more.

Misha Kahn
Misha Kahn sample

Misha Kahn allows the illogical and the irreverent to take over his entire process. He employs everything from lo-fi and ad hoc techniques—such as improvisational molds and collage—to virtual reality and other high-tech tools.

ANDRÉS Reisinger
ANDRÉS Reisinger sample

Originally from Argentina, Andrés Reisinger creates instantly-recognizable dream-like imagery in his studio in Barcelona that have drawn interest from a plethora of multi-million-dollar collectors, brands and international art galleries alike.

Six N. Five
Six N. Five sample

Six N. Five is a contemporary art studio, founded by Ezequiel Pini, an award-winning Argentinian designer and digital artist. Creating digital and real worlds and experiences with a clean and modern aesthetic,they produce experimental work with a goal of legitimizing CGI as a new medium of artistic expression.

Hard sample

As a virtual world architect, educator, and community builder, Hard specializes in creating innovative spaces in the virtual world. His work focuses on a minimalist aesthetic and a playful approach to color theory; reimagining the digital landscape. He’s worked with large Web 3 companies such as Harmony, Filecoin, Mona, Decentraland, and Spatial.

Everyrealm is a technology and infrastructure company that develops and invests in businesses related to virtual worlds, social video gaming, and the virtual world— an ecosystem also known as immersive media.

Artists create a 3D architectural design, a total of five editions per artist.


Each architectural design edition is sold as an NFT. Buyers of original Architectural Design NFTs will also receive a Mona NFT — an immersive space in the virtual world created from the artists’ original work.


Holders of Architectural Design NFTs will have the right to deploy their landmarks on virtual world land in The Row District for a fee.


In the future, The Row District may be expanded to additional virtual worlds.

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